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Flying Santa Barbara (SBA) has its own airport.

Santa Barbara is also accessible from the Los Angeles area, with three major airports within 110 miles. The Santa Barbara airport is very convenient; however these major airports may have significantly lower fares and can also allow you to visit the LA area as well as take the scenic Highway 1 route to Santa Barbara. We do recommend checking prices into SBA, as sometimes they are mysteriously less expensive than those to larger airports. (In our opinion if the premium for flying to Santa Barbara is $100 or less, fly to SBA, even for more it may be worth flying to SBA)
Los Angeles (LAX): Served by most all major airlines. Can take a shuttle or rent a car, 90 miles, time varies with LA traffic.
Santa Barbara Airbus ( drops you off at the Hotel Mar Monte)

Burbank (BUR):  Served by airlines including Southwest. Roughly 90 miles, rental car required.

Long Beach (LGB):  110 miles, direct service by Jet Blue and others, rental car required.