Our History

We met in mid-November 1992 at John's 17th birthday party. Kiera Carberry Taff, who happened to know both Pilar and John, even though John went to San Marcos high and Pilar went to rival Santa Barbara High, brought Pilar along to John’s birthday party.  After spending a lot of time on the phone, John asked Pilar out on a date. We were each other’s first "real" boyfriend/girlfriend. That first Christmas together we surprised each other with rings for one another. We wore those rings every day while we dated for most of the next three years. We even attended John's senior prom! Check out the photos below.

In 1995 John moved to Michigan for college, and in 1996 Pilar left for Pennsylvania to attend Penn State. Throughout the years we kept in touch, usually running into each other back "home" in Santa Barbara.

After graduating from Penn State, Pilar went on to attend nursing school at John's Hopkins. She stayed on at Hopkins after graduation and worked there until returning to Santa Barbara in early 2008. John meanwhile finished his mechanical engineering undergraduate degree and then attended The University of Michigan for a Masters in Engineering. Once again, we were attending rival schools. After a brief return to Santa Barbara, John went on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a double masters in Mechanical Engineering and Business (MBA). John returned to Santa Barbara in the summer of 2005.

In the fall of 2008 we were both living in Santa Barbara again and we reconnected on Facebook via mutual friends. We've been inseparable since. As chance had it, we both kept our high school rings and are again wearing them today. John has given Pilar yet another ring; this one also to last a lifetime!

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